Create and add tags to contacts

Tags are an easy way to organize your contacts. There are a few ways to create tags and add them to contacts

In this article, you’ll learn how to create, add, or remove tags in Dynosend.


Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • Tags are not segments, but they can be used to categorize your contacts.
  • Tag names are limited to 100 characters or less


1- From your audience

From the audience page in your account, you can navigate to your contacts list, choose a contact and add a tag to them. You can also edit or delete tags, follow the instructions in this article to know how to use tags.


Create a tag

To create a new tag follow these steps.

1- Click on Audiences.


2- Select your audience.

3- Go to subscribers.

4- Click on the contact you want to add a tag to.

5- Click on Add Tag.

6- Type the tags name, click on Enter and then Save.


To remove the tag, just click on Manage tags and remove the ones you want.




2- Tag from an automation

There are two ways of tagging contacts in an automation

Bulk tagging:

You can bulk tag your contacts from an automation based on their engagement like opening an email, clicking on a specific link or meeting a certain condition.

1- Click on Automations.


2- Open the automation you want.

3- On the right, click on Statistics.

4- Choose the trigger, action or condition of the contacts you want to tag.

5- Click on Actions.

6- Click on Tag those contacts.


7- Type the name of the tags, click on Enter and Save.


Individual tagging:

When editing your automation, you can add an "Add tag" action to your workflow and you'll tag every contact who passes from that action.


Awesome! Now you know how to tag each contact or bulk tag them based on their engagement with an automation.