How to create an automation

An automation is a sequence of steps triggered by different triggers or data. You can use automation to send a series of emails automatically based on your contacts actions or data sent from your application.


Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • To create an automation, make sure you have an audience and contacts. If you don’t have contact in your audience, import your contacts.
  • Be sure to verify your domain before you send your first email.


Create an automation

To create an automation, follow these steps.

1- Click on automations.


2- Click on new automation..


3- Name your automation and choose an audience (and a segment if needed) to which you want to send then click on Get started.


You will now be able to see this interface


4- Click on trigger is not set up yet to set a trigger


5- Select a trigger from the list


6- After choosing the trigger, click on the plus sign.


7- Choose an action, condition or exit from the list.

You now can create workflows like this one as an example

Congratulations! You now have an automation, your next step is to configure it and run it.