How to verify and authenticate your domain

To start sending emails or automations, you first have to verify a domain name to use it as the sender for all your emails (the FROM address).


Why you should authenticate your email domain

It's necessary to have a verified domain to send an email, it boosts your deliverability and it also increases your authority by showing your brand name as the sender of the email.

To authenticate it, you will need to add two TXT records to the DNS page of your domain: 

  • DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail): a sender identification tool that is used by email clients (such as Google, Yahoo, and Outlook) to identify and protect from phishing, spoofing and forgery.
  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework): indicates which IP addresses and/or hostnames have been authorized to send emails from the specific domain.


How to verify your domain

1 - Head to the sidebar and select Domains

2 - Click New sending domain.

3 - Enter your domain and click save.

4 - Copy the following DNS records to your domain DNS page. If you don't know how, please do contact your domain or hosting provider.

And once verified, you can start sending emails with your new verified domain using any name (ex.

(Please refer to "How to create and send a campaign" for further information on how to)