Anti-Spam Policy

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What is spam?

Spam is any email you send to someone who hasn’t given you their direct permission to contact them on the topic of the email.

When you send an email to someone you don't know, that's an "unsolicited" email. Sending one unsolicited message to someone is obviously not spam. But when you send an unsolicited email to an entire list of people you don't know, that's spam.


What kind of email addresses are OK to send to with Dynosend?

To send email to anyone, you need to have their permission. This could be done through:

  • An email newsletter subscribe form on your web site.
  • An email collected using a third-party service you have the right to access to it.
  • An email of a customer/subscriber from another service/website you own.
  • If someone completes an offline form like a survey or enters a competition, or form online events like webinars or giveaways but you can only contact them if it was explained to them that they would be contacted by email.
  • Customers who have purchased from you within the last 2 years.


What kind of email address are NOT OK to send to with Dynosend?

You can't import or send to any email address which:

  • You do not have explicit, provable permission to contact in relation to the topic of the email you’re sending.
  • You bought, loaned, rented or in any way acquired from a third party, no matter what they claim about quality or permission. You need to obtain permission yourself.
  • You haven’t contacted them in the last 2 years as they might have changed their email addresses or changed their minds about giving you permission.
  • You scraped or copy and pasted from the web as publishing emails online doesn't mean they allow you to send them newsletters or emails.
  • You randomly typed or generated manually or using an online service.


Account termination

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account if any of your regular broadcast campaigns had:

  • > 0.05% spam complaints
  • > 3% bounces
  • > 5% unsubscribes
  • > 5% opens after a week from your campaign delivery date

You will receive a strike if any of your campaigns have had a bounce rate between 2% and 3%, if you get another strike or any of your campaigns exceed 3% bounce rate then your account will be suspended.

We reserve the right to terminate your account without notice if we investigate and find clear evidence of spam, and you will be permanently banned from Dynosend. 

You have the right to appeal your account suspension and prove us you have permission from your recipients to send them emails, and if you don't have such proof then your account will be terminated.