How to import contacts to your audience

Our import tool helps you add contacts to Dynosend. Upload CSV file or type info directly into the import table. You can also auto-update multiple existing contacts at once.

Before you start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • To get started, you'll need CSV file containing the contacts you want to import to your audience (you can download an example from the Import page).
  • If you have a custom field in your CSV file then please be sure to first create a field with that name in the Custom Fields section in your audience (click Here to learn how). 
  • You can categorize your contacts based on their activity (email opens and clicks), their email (ex. by their email service provider), names, tags, verification status or by custom fields (ex. location, lead score...etc).
  • If your import brings your total contact count to the the limit of your pricing tier, the rest of your contacts won't be imported to your audience.
  • You can still copy your contacts from an audience or automation to another audience even if you go above the limit of your pricing tier and you will not get charged as they are duplicates of a main audience.

Please know that there might be delay of 2 minutes before your contacts start importing.


Import new contacts

The import part has two parts, you'll check your Audience Fields if you would like to chance the names or add additional ones, and then prepare your CSV file if this is the method you choose to import your contacts. 


Prepare for Import

To prepare your file for import, follow these steps:

1- Make sure you have the right name tag (ex. FIRST_NAME) as in your CSV file.


2- Add your contacts info to the audience fields tags in your CSV file and replace CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME with the actual tag you created earlier (if any) or you can delete it.

Good job! Now you just have to save your CSV file in your device and go to the next steps.



Import to Dynosend

To import your contacts to Dynosend, follow these steps.

1- Click on Audiences.


2- Open the dropdown menu for the desired audience


3- Click on Import.


4- Click on the file selection field, select your CSV file from your device and click on Import button.


5- The import job will now be started and your subscribers will be imported to your audience.


6- Once finished importing, you will see a DONE badge on the import job in your imports history.


That's it! you now have imported the contacts from your CSV file to your audience.


Update existing contacts

You may need to update your contacts’ data if they’ve been in your audience for a while. Use our import tool to quickly update multiple contacts at once.

This option replaces existing audience field information with new information from your import file. You’ll follow the same process to import new contacts.

  • When you prepare your CSV, verify that your column names in your import file match the fields in your Dynosend audience, and that no columns are left blank. Blank fields overwrite and erase existing contact data.
  • Imports won’t update the email marketing status of contacts already in your Dynosend account.
  • If you remove one column from the new CSV then no changes will happen to your audience fields that match with the removed column.

Proceed with a file import as you did when you imported the for the first time.

That's it! When you import, we'll handle the rest!